Finding the Right Insulin Needles for You

Most people don't like needles anyway. So, when you first heard that you were going to need to use insulin needles, if you felt a little bit apprehensive, then you weren't alone. Most everybody who hears that they're going to need to use insulin needles experiences that same type of apprehension, at least on some level. After all, there aren't many people out there who actually relish the idea of having their skin poked by a needle on a regular basis. Obviously, safety is of paramount concern. Still, you also want your experience to be as painless as possible. We all do. Let's take a look at some ways to accomplish both of those goals simultaneously.

Let's take a look at that comfort goal first. The advice we're about to give you will actually save you a great deal of pain, even though it's going to sound a little counter-intuitive at first. The sharper the needle, the less painful the injection is going to be. If you ask your health care professional, he or she will back this up. The reason for this is that a sharp point on the needle enables it to more easily pierce your skin. Conversely, with a dull point, they needle is going to have a harder time breaking through. As a result, you'll have to expend more effort, and your discomfort will be prolonged.

Now that we know how important it is to make sure that our insulin needles are sharp, let's turn our attention to the matter of safety. For decades, various medical news sources have emphasized how critical it is to minimize needle exposure after use. Various types of shields have been designed to prevent this after-use exposure. Another concern, however, is the manner in which your needles are disposed of. Particularly if you have kids or pets, you'll want to be really careful about this in your home. With the proper precautions, however, you really don't have anything to worry about.

By now, you should realize that you could have safety and comfort at the same time. While needles are never pleasant, the discomfort can be minimized by making sure to always use sharp ones. Of course, that makes it even more important to use them safely, but a few common sense precautions will really go a long way in that regard. Always use a sharp, sterile needle, and dispose of them properly.

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