Flowers Aren't Forever: Feather Centerpieces Steal the Show

Looking for a unique and elegant solution to your centerpiece needs? Flowers are beautiful but they're also fragile and offer nothing new. Consider feather centerpieces for your event.

1.    Long Lasting - Unlike flowers feather centerpieces will never wilt and won't need upkeep, such as watering. Not only will they last through an entire event, but they can be stored and used again if you choose. Don't fall into the trap of using fake flowers, which bring to mind memories of dusty nursing homes, use something that's both beautiful and in no way artificial. Whether you need a holiday piece for your home or are a professional party planner looking for Wholesale Event Solutions feathers will stand the test of time.

2.    Unique and Elegant - Everyone has seen flower centerpieces, and they can be spectacular but they're not special. Feather centerpieces are not only beautiful but also make a statement that you think differently. Your pick of elegant feather centerpieces will give your guests something to talk about, and it'll probably be how clever you are.

3.    Easy Shipping - Unlike flowers, which need to be transported using people  from a nearby location, feathers can be easily shipped many different ways without needing to worry about water and climate to keep them fresh. Pick when you want them and where and they'll be right there, as fresh and perky as they would be on any day.

4.    Make Great Souvenirs - Everyone loves taking home a centerpiece from a big event like a wedding. Some organizations even use the centerpieces as auction items to help raise money for their cause. It's great to take home flowers, but, everyone knows they don't last long at all. Feather centerpieces will survive the drive home or being forgotten in the car, and still look amazing later, in your office or your own kitchen.

5.    Hold Up Under Any Weather - Don't worry about water misters, too much humidity, frozen water or any of the multitudes of other problems associated with keeping flowers fresh. Once you decide on feather centerpieces you can forget all the other planning worries. You won't need to assign a bus boy to keep them watered; you won't be moving heating lamps around trying to keep your event beautiful.

Try feather centerpieces from Wholesale Event Solutions for yourself and see how practical and elegant they are.


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