GMOs With Limitations Recommended for Open Space

There have been recent protests in Boulder regarding some residents not wanting any genetically modified plants in Boulder County open space areas. A Boulder County advisory group for agriculture gave its recommendation and said these types of crops should be OK’ed if they meet some conditions.

The group – the Cropland Policy Advisory Group – said these types of plants should be allowed if it could be shown that they will reduce the impacts of pesticides on residents, the water and the soil. Six of the nine people in the group agreed with this recommendation.

They also said these crops should prove a larger yield along with quality and higher profits when stacked up against non-GMO varieties. Some in the group said a moderate policy is important to help support farmers working the land.

The decision ultimately rests in the hands of the Parks and Open Space Department.

There were two organic farmers in the Cropland Policy Advisory Group. They believe GMOs should be banned totally from all county-own agriculture land.

Corn that comes from genetically modified seeds has been allowed on county land since 2003. But the recent ire was sparked among non-GMO activists in 2009 six farmers asked for permission to plant sugar beets that had been engineered to resist the pesticide Roundup.


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