Google Grows in Boulder

The Internet giant Google has plans to grow its presence in Boulder.

The Internet company is taking over the old Circuit City building, which it has had a part of since the earlier part of 2011.

Google’s Boulder operations are set at 2600 Pearl Street. The space totals 34,000 square feet. The company only had a total of 16,000-square-feet in the old Circuit City building. Google’s growth is pushing the company to get more space in Boulder.

The company has hired about 40 people in Boulder since the start of 2011. That recent growth puts Google’s Boulder headcount to just under 200 people. However, the Mountain View, Calif.-based firm plans to hire more here. Officials won’t say how many people, but they do say the company plans to continue its job hiring.

Google bought @Last Software, which was a maker of 3-D design tool SketchUp from Boulder back in 2006. Since 2006, Google has added more people in Boulder, more products and more space.

In Boulder, Google has SketchUp, Google Apps, Chrome and Google Docs. It has a total of three Boulder buildings in the central part of the city.


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