Green construction poses more dangers, CU-Boulder study finds

There is a new study out being headed by an engineering professor at the University of Colorado stating that "Green" construction can actually produce more detrimental results than normal construction. The results of the findings have shown construction workers working on "Green" construction projects are more likely to cut themselves on the sharp ends of recycled materials or even, are more likely to fall when installing solar panels. 

These findings can be harmful to the "Green" construction and building industry because the government highly backs any form of "Green" construction. Also, studies show that LEED-certified buildings have a 9% higher rate of injury than non-LEED buildings. 

Results from the tests have shown conclusive evidence that workers on "Green" construction projects have shown a 36% increase in cuts, strains and sprains from working with recycled construction materials. They have also noted a 19% increased eye strain when working on the installation of reflective roof membranes. This is dire news for the "Green" construction industry as safety has not always been the top priority over ensuring the construction is environmentally friendly. 

Other participants in the study include Katherine Dewlaney and Bernard Fortunato III of CU and Michael Behm of East Carolina University.

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