Green Jobs Get a Lift in Boulder

Green isn’t just a trendy thing these days. Sustainable practices have become more the norm and more businesses are demanding this knowledge base from their employees.

The University of Colorado’s Sustainable Practices Program offers Colorado employees a way to gain credentials for sustainability to help meet the growing need. The program started in 2007. It has benefited almost 300 people since inception.

People who take part in the Sustainable Practices Program do not need to be CU students and enrolled in the university to take part. The program has a variety of courses that look at financing, energy and much more.

The program was recently selected by the Colorado Department of Labor to be an official place that Colorado residents can get green training for jobs.

Becase those in the program don’t have to be CU students, the classes are not available for CU credit. The classes can be taken alone or as part of a track for a professional certificate.

The courses range in time. Some are just a single day. They are held on campus in Boulder and have a variety of offerings for timing.

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