Gypsy Market Focuses on the Unique

A trio of artists are hosting Boulder’s third Firefly Handmade market sale. The so-called Gypsy Market is focused on handmade goods from recycled items with a unique spin. The market will showcase about 80 artists and craftspeople who will be selling their wares. The products span a wide range from dog accessories to handmade body products. There are also funky office products, reusable items and many kinds of jewelry. The market also will feature food trucks and have a space for kids to create their own arts and crafts.

The market takes place Sunday, Sept. 18 from 9 am to 3 pm at 3390 Valmont in Boulder. This fall’s show features many returning artists from the past two markets – along with some newcomers.

The market also will feature some awards for the vendors. Boulder's Center for ReSource Conservation plans to give out three prizes to the artists who have the most creative use of recycled materials within both their display and crafts.

While the artists involved in the efforts want to help promote the businesses of the craftspeople, it’s also a nice side benefit when people leave the market and are inspired to go create their own art – be it finishing a discarded knitting project or taking up a new hobby.

The market is named “gypsy” because it never appears in the same location twice. The organizers want the market to look like it sprang up overnight and then disappears just as quickly.

The next show is planned for Dec. 9, 10 and 11 with a focus on holiday gift giving. More details are available at


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