How The Creative Leader Can Help Renew Your Spirituality

You've been searching lately, looking for something that can finally convince you to join the light. There have been many messages in the past, but, you've had your doubts. You can't fully commit to Christianity until you know for sure. Thankfully, there are signs and truths that you will not be able to ignore. This book will renew your passion for Christ and get you back into feeling the love of the Holy Spirit. Ed Young's charismatic approach to Christianity is rejuvenating and a breath of fresh air for a new generation. His many years of experience working with youth has given him the credibility, know-how, and passion to penetrate through the many layers of doubt shrouding a young person's heart.

This innovative book will take you from the early years of Christ to modern day Christianity, and delve into the many forms of Christianity over the years. It is educational, inspirational, informational, as it is enlightening. Ed Young has a very fresh approach to a decades old problem, and one that is working at connecting with youth across America.

From a personal stand-point, I had grown up a believer, and lived in the bliss of the Lord for most of my upbringing. Tragedy had struck my life and I had lost faith in the divine. It was a trying time for myself, as well as my family and closest friends. Thankfully, I was able to keep walking through my darkest hour, and eventually found this book. This book helped me get back my faith in Christ and myself. I was able to see the divine creation in life, and love Christ fully. Everything made sense again. 

Ed Young is far from a motivational speaker trying to make a quick buck on innocent and lost youth. His preaching explores the hidden realities of the world around him, as well as the economic realities of the world today. He knows the trouble that young people face, and has plenty of first-hand accounts of working directly with troubled youth. This book is akin to a splash of water on a scorching hot day. It has definitely renewed my faith on multiple occasions. 

The old world doesn't exist anymore; we live in a new technological society where new ideas are spread at a quickening pace. As Christians we must adapt to this new reality, not just by spreading information, but by adapting the way we live and interact. The Creative Leader is a step in the right direction, not just for the young, but also the middle-aged and the old. This generation's challenges are tricky, yet manageable. The way to stay inspired and keep your faith alive in a world that is bombarded by harrowing and frightening images.

I want to end this review by speaking about some experiences I had recently. I was deployed in the Iraq war as a soldier, bright-eyed, ignorant, and eager to do well for my country. What I saw there was very shocking, and caused me to doubt what my country stood for. I sought answers in the church, but was unable to see a reason for the violence and destruction. The Creative Leader and Ed Young helped me renew my faith in Christ, and help me continue believing in my mission. The book has also helped me spark my own personal projects, as well as open up a missionary school where we teach young underprivileged kids about the joy of arts and crafts. In short, this book has enabled me to do what I was most passionate about, and spread Ed Young’s gift to the rest of the world

If you're a devout Christian, Atheist, Hindu, Jehovah's Witness you should read this book - it will change your life.

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