How to Move XFINITY Cable

When moving service providers, a great first step is to go online to the current service provider's website and see what resources they have available in their "help" section. Most providers have information about how to go about moving their service to a new location and some even have online applications that allow their members to input their current address along with the new address and can provide detailed information about what services will be available in the new residence.

Some providers will also allow you to completely move your service over their website. If the provider doesn't have any online resources then contacting them by phone is the best option. The transition can sometimes be complicated and calling the company directly may be the simplest way to avoid any fees or frustrations when trying to resume service in the new home.

Specific services may vary by area so some providers can offer discounts, upgrades, and new services for members that are moving locations. Keep in mind that specific equipment like routers or cable boxes can sometimes be turned in for a refund to the old provider or transferred to the new location. So when communicating with the company make sure to ask about any options available and if current equipment can be reused, which can save money on installation fees at the new address.

If it turns out that the current provider is not available at the new residence then a new service provider will have to be set up. This means shopping around and finding the right provider that will meet your needs before going about the process of setting up cable in your new home. There are a few helpful websites that can show what providers are available to a home by inputting the street address.

Once a list of potential providers is compiled it is best to research the individual companies and compare their services. Be aware that most providers offer discounts for new customers that can decrease the cost significantly. Once decided on a new provider, setting up the new service is simple. Contact the company directly to begin the process of setting up the services and installations. 

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