Is Bilingual Learning Taking Off in The United States Finally?

Bilingual education is when students are taught in two languages. It used to be thought of as just the availability of education in two - or more languages for people who already spoke that language. People have known for along time that learning a language young is much easier. 

It would appear people are finding learning all subjects in more languages is useful - and a wise investment of time and brain power.

Life in the United States has changed in recent years. Once upon a time the average American would say, why learn a foreign language?

Once upon a time that person was right, in a fashion. Why should Americans learn another language when only 40% of Americans ever leave their own state let alone go overseas? There was no need to learn languages, as most everybody spoke American English.

However, in recent years the United States has seen immigrants, entering the country in ever growing numbers. The vast majority of these people will be Hispanics from South America, mainly Mexico. There are also American territories like Puerto Rico that has Spanish as their first language. In addition some states have Spanish in their history from former colonial days. Many names of towns and city are of Spanish origin.

This occurrence over time has seen a change in the culture of the United States. Now more Americans are finding it a handicap not understanding any Spanish at all. The language is everywhere, on billboards, notices, newspapers and the sides of buses. It is spoken, regularly, in burger bars and on street corners. Spanish has crept into the American way of life in a big way. If you put studying Spanish into a search engine it will come up with thousands of choices. Enrollment in Spanish courses in schools has doubled. The same is true of adult Spanish courses, although there are no official statistics.

Hispanics now make up a sizable part of the United State's population, and if the average American businessman wants to take advantage of this new business resource, he or she will at least need a basic understanding of the language. Many people are realizing the advantage of being able to speak more than one language, not just Spanish.

Business to business communication is where language barriers can cost money or slow down progress. An online MBA in Spanish brings a much needed skill in today’s world. It allows those who already speak the language or those who want to develop a business acumen in a different language the ability to get it done, without leaving the United States.

Because languages are taught in schools adults too are now taking a keen interest in learning another language. European languages are a preferred choice but there is also interest in Chinese and other Asian languages.

Now more Americans are learning Spanish, there is an increase in the interest in other languages too. Not only is Spanish spoken on the North American continent so too is French in places like Ottawa and Japanese more in Seattle. Businessman will need to trade with the BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Knowing something of the language will assist them in day to day business dealings. When Americans travel overseas they are surprised at the number of people in Europe who do not speak English (and also surprised how fluent are those who do speak it).

Languages are becoming far more fashionable and it is now seen as cool to be bilingual. Those who are bilingual know it is satisfying. There are university courses specializing in languages and the Internet too is a great resource for those who want to know about foreign languages.

The great advantage of learning a foreign language is, once you have mastered one foreign language it becomes comparatively easy to learn more languages to add to the ones you already know.

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