Life of Leisure in the Pool

As you inch closer and closer to Memorial Day weekend, you find yourself longingly looking out the window at the swimming pool.  The cover is still on because you know there is still a chance of cold weather, and it's going to take time to get it opened up anyway.  But think about how relaxing it is to lounge around the pool.  Work, kids, bills, none of that matters when you are just drifting along atop your new pool float.

Opening the pool isn't about just exercising and swimming laps.  That's what you do in the pool, but not what it is about.  A swimming pool is about a life of leisure.  Taking a choice few hours away from the busy schedule to stretch out on your pool float and just lazily drift along wherever the wind and waves see fit to carry you.  Many are taking advantage of the newly designed pool floats that boast cup holders so that as you spend an afternoon relaxing you can enjoy your favorite beverage as well. 

Perhaps rather than just lounging after a hard day's work, you prefer to throw pool parties with the entire family.  You bring your wife and kids out to enjoy some quality time together.  Everyone brings out their favorite pool float and everyone prepares for a fun afternoon in the sun.  You and your spouse are floating around on your own, enjoying just some intimate time without the pressures and stresses of cleaning and chores.  The kids, meanwhile, find themselves playing around on one of the many unique floats available.  Instead of a pseudo-recliner or a mat, perhaps they are chasing an inflatable shark or a dragon around the edge of the pool.

So many people dig pools in their backyards because they see the entertainment value.  Perhaps you thought about it as an investment to increase the value of your home.  Maybe you were one of the few who envisioned lazy, relaxing, care-free afternoons when you started filling the concrete basin.  Regardless of the cause, these days of leisure are what it represents.  The summer season will come and go, and you will get to spend it all bobbing around on your pool float.

For those who don't have the convenience of their own swimming pool in their own backyard, there are still opportunities for aquatic entertainment.  Pool floats are easily portable and can be easily taken to community pools or houses of friends.  Whether it's a lake up north or the couple around the corner, everyone has access to the leisurely relaxation made available by the water.  In seasons like this, you should take advantage of the season and enjoy the occasional day of play.

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