Longmont Shutters Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Longmont’s ban of medical marijuana dispensaries was recently upheld by a Boulder County district judge – forcing the closure of the city’s medical marijuana businesses.

Longmont is just north of Boulder, and many people living there work in Boulder. The judge denied Longmont’s medical marijuana businesses a preliminary injunction to their lawsuit. The judge, Ingrid Bakke, found that the businesses didn’t have the constitutional right to remain open under amendment 20 of the state constitution.

The judge said the businesses opened when Colorado’s new law was just developing, and the “gray” area is what has made them victims.

Many of the medical marijuana dispensaries here spent a great deal of time, money and energy working to create a viable business. Some even spent several years working to develop special marijuana strains, only to be disappointed with the recent court ruling.

The city of Longmont created its own ban on the businesses by way of a City Council decision that took place in May. Originally, the ban was supposed to take effect in July, but then that was postponed. Organizers tried to put it on the November ballot, but failed at that. Then there was a lawsuit followed by a restraining order that was temporary. Longmont city officials say they were pleased with the judge’s ruling.



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