Magnolia Fisheries

Magnolia Fisheries Inc. is a full-service aquatic resource management company that offers full service lake management.  When you are looking for professional management for your Boulder lake or pond, leave it to the real experts of the field, Magnolia Fisheries Inc.

Magnolia Fisheries Inc. established in 1988, provides lake maintenance, lake design and renovation, water quality and environment assessments, fish habitat installation, in addition to, stocking and harvest strategies.  They are experts clearing out muddy ponds and lakes.  Magnolia Fisheries have an  excellent selection of lake fertilization programs.  They provide you with top-rate lake aeration systems and numerous resources regarding everything your lake needs..

Experienced, passionate and educated, Bill Wingo genuinely understands the ins and outs of everything dealing with fisheriesWith his Masters in Fisheries Management, Bill has thoroughly researched, represented and supervised all aspects of pond/lake life.   Bill has created and managed state-wide boating access/public fishing pier programs.  He is a Board Certified Fisheries Biologist by the American Fisheries Society.  Bill is an agricultural licensed Fish Farmer and Commercial Aquatic Applicator.  Bill is also a licensed Triploid Grass Carp Dealer.  He is a member of numerous associations, societies.  Billy Wingo is the true expert in fisheries.

Magnolia Fisheries Inc. will happily provide you with lake management services on an ongoing basis to control all conditions of your lake.  They are committed to giving you the best water quality conditions, and/or controlling noxious aquatic vegetation in your lake. Magnolia Fisheries Inc. offers a range of sport-fish for stocking your pond or lake.  They have expanded their larvae control program in order to control mosquitoes, which is ideal for any concerns regarding the West Nile Virus.

Magnolia Fisheries Inc. takes pride in properly educating property managers and homeowners when establishing a great lake management program.  Magnolia Fisheries Inc. maintains the beautiful aesthetic qualities of the lake while carefully upholding a safe and secure environment for the lake’s recreational uses.

With an impressive line of products and services available, it is clear to see why Magnolia Fisheries Inc. is the best in their business!  They care about building a relationship with you as much as they care about the beauty and healthy habitat of your lake.  Magnolia Fisheries Inc. uses their experience and knowledge to give you the absolute best.  Magnolia Fisheries Inc. is made up of a small team of biologists and hardworking individuals who strive to give you the ideal lake while pay attention to every detail.

When it comes to pond and lake management services, leave it to the honest professionals, Magnolia Fisheries Inc.


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