No Summer Fun At Eldora Mountain Resort

There was a bill passed recently that allows the ski resorts to now make room for summer fun, like a golf course. However, the Eldora Mountain Resort is not going to make theirs anything more than the usual ski resort.

This bill will allow for ski resorts on public land to create great summer things to do. It is being welcomed by the taxpayers because it does not cost anything for them. Taxes will not be raised, so they welcome the idea. It will also create jobs all over the country in mountain area resorts that are on public land. 

Clearly the people of the area would like it, but Eldora Mountain Resort spokesman, Robert Linde, said that they will only be renovating the ski resort and lodge, not building summer fun. The chairlifts and other ski essentials will also be included in the renovation project.

For now, the people in Boulder will find that Eldora will offer the best skiing and that is it. They will have to go to the privately owned ski resorts to enjoy any type of summer activities when they visit or if they are a resident of the area.


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