Occupy Boulder Considers Daily Rallies

On the heels of the nationwide movement, Occupy Boulder is considering holding daily rallies in downtown Boulder.

The group wants to keep up the momentum in the city. The group is asking people to rally everyday at Broadway and Canyon Boulevard from 12 noon to 6 pm on a daily basis. The group hasn’t yet determined an end date and wants the daily efforts to go on without any specific end date. The idea for the daily protests came up at a recent Occupy Boulder meeting.

The group believes that daily protests will help it increase its numbers. Occupy Boulder has held weekend protests and weekend marches plus general assemblies up until now. Many Occupy Boulder members feel having weekday events will spark more interest among others in the community to join the cause.

Others worry that colder weather plus snow could derail efforts.

Occupy protestors are planning to march in November to ask consumers to use credit unions rather than banks.

There have been a variety of Occupy protests across the nation. The largest of which is in New York on Wall Street. Down the road from Boulder in Denver, Occupy Denver has been staging their efforts and garnering headlines. The protestors have a various number of things they say they are protesting. Much of it is centered around corporate greed and inequity among different classes of consumers.


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