Putting Biofreeze to Use in Healing

How do we heal? It is a very complex set of events that helps the human body to heal from an injury of any kind. It requires healthy blood cells, good circulation, and a healthy nervous system to ensure that we recover well from any injury. This is why such stock phrases as, “it has to hurt to heal,” and “use it or lose it” are frequently repeated by physicians as they encourage patients to “get well”. The problem is that some of the functions of the body can actually stop us from doing what is right for the healing process. Pain, for example, can make us hesitate to move a limb or part of the body, and this can seriously delay healing. Fortunately, there are safe and effective “topical” pain treatments such as Biofreeze.

Biofreeze is one of the few health products that works topically to address the symptoms of pain. It is so effective that it can be used when someone is sedentary or when someone is engaged in activities or sports as well. For instance, someone who experiences a mild sprain or muscle pull can use Biofreeze right away, and this will enable them to be able to continue to move the injured area without a tremendous amount of deep pain.

Why is that important? We already understand that healing requires the circulation and movement of the area, even if this movement is very mild and gentle. When you apply a topical pain reliever such as Biofreeze, it is going to work as a “gate”. This means it is going to block a lot of the “messages” from the irritated area by stimulating nerve cells at the surface level of the skin.

Here’s how it works: you pull a muscle in your arm as you play an afternoon game of “touch football”. A bit later in the day you notice that the arm is extremely stiff, sore and not able to move without pain. Instead of holding the muscle in place and allowing it to atrophy or stiffen, you can apply Biofreeze and allow the menthol in the compound to activate nerve impulses at the uppermost layer of the skin. This prevents the pain signals from the injured area from heading easily to the brain receptors because the nerves are so busy with the topical solution.

This may sound like an alternative approach to pain relief, but it is one of the most targeted and direct available.



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