Questions You've Always Wondered About Interior Design But Were Afraid to Ask

If you love decorating and redecorating homes, offices, or any kind of space, you can further your knowledge with a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design. Before you submit an application to your chosen school though, there may be a number of things that you would like to know first. Interior Design is a technical discipline as much as it is a creative one. 

What is a Bachelor’s Degree for Interior Designers?
This is a four-year program which is normally viewed as a branch of architecture. Depending on the school you have chosen, you will most likely have to complete major studies for two years. There will also be a series of courses as well as activities that will enhance your skill and knowledge in interior design.

Does Interior Design Merely Revolve Around Designing and Decorating?
There is more to a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design than simply planning and organizing various objects. With a bachelor’s degree, you have a number of years to study and learn all about solving problems due to the fact that most, if not all, interior design projects involve mathematical computations. In addition, there are many aesthetic constraints to consider, which is why mastering the art of problem solving is the key to fruitful interior designing.

Getting a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design can mean a lot to people who truly are dedicated to arranging and decorating spaces. It is especially created for those who are innovative and are not afraid of design challenges and criticisms. The National Association of Schools of Art and Designs made a list of interior design educational institutions its members accredited.

Again, depending on your school or program, you may also be focusing on institutional, commercial, and large scale projects, not only for small to medium houses. Having a bachelor’s degree also requires the student to understand theories, history, and practices of an interior designer.

Can Anyone Learn Interior Design?
Everyone is welcome to study interior design whether you are a man or a woman. However, it is important that you have a passion for art and structures. You should enjoy being hands-on when it comes to a variety of projects, especially when manipulating objects.

Some students from other disciplines, even those that are not related to interior design, realize that they want to take up this type of course in the end. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, but you wish to pursue this BA or BS, there is nothing that will preclude you from getting another one. However, it is advised that you contact the school you wish to enroll in to see what their requirements are.

Is Interior Design a Bachelor of Science or Arts?
A Bachelor Degree in Interior Design can either be a BA or a BS. It will rely upon your choice of which of the two you would take as your course. To explain, a BS is concerned with the science and mathematics involved with interior design which includes performing a lot of laboratory tasks and research. Meanwhile, a BA is more on liberal arts where there is less course work.

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