RTD to Cut Boulder County Bus Routes

Those who rely on the RTD mass transit system are soon to be out in the cold. Beginning in January several routes will be cut or have services greatly reduced. Route 203 and Call-n-Ride have been completely eliminated, while Route 323 will experience a reduction in service. Come January those riding Route 323 will find non-peak hour buses running on 60-minute intervals instead of 30-minute intervals. Mid-day routes will fall to just 4 runs. Riders are expected to transfer to similar routes that have not had service reductions.

The service reduction and eliminations are part of a plan to save the RTD $10 million dollars. The decision, which was finalized with a 12-1 vote, came after several rate increases failed to yield the necessary results.

The plan has been long opposed, and the Tuesday night decision was met by anger as Boulder County bus riders and city officials worked until the last minute in an attempt to save the transportation routes. The appeals brought up the fact that there are many riders who rely heavily on the routes in question; however the board felt the saved money outweighed the need.

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