Safety in the ER - Why the Need For Clean?

Emergency rooms see their fair share of people in and out with various reasons for immediate treatment. To prepare for such activity, it is vital that hospital staff diligently maintain a highly clean and sterile environment in order to prevent the spread of disease and infection.

An ultrasonic cleaner is one of the most commonly used ways to clean the tools and instruments used to take care of patients. This not only promotes health and safety for everyone, but is also a clear indication to those being treated that a quality team with high standards is taking care of them.

The Importance of a Clean Environment
While it is obvious you want to keep the environment of the emergency room you work for clean to keep keeping infection under control, you may not be aware how much it impacts the perceptions of patients.

According to a report published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, unsanitary medical environments can cause patients to feel that they’re in an unsafe place rather than a place designed to make them feel both mentally and physically better. Hospitals need to ensure cleanliness for health reasons, keeping in mind that doing so also reflects on how the medical field as a whole is viewed.

Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner
Although it is vital that medical instruments are always sterilized, an ultrasonic cleaner is one of the safest and most effective ways for you to clean instruments used in an emergency room - on top of sterilization. To remove soil and substances from medical tools, a combination of submersion in a cleaning solution as well as mechanical agitation such as scrubbing is typically involved. Using an ultrasonic cleaner eliminates the need to scrub or spray dirty tools.

The cleaning solution used in ultrasonic cleaners travels in all directions, making it possible to reach tiny crevices and holes that cannot otherwise be properly taken care of. This factor alone significantly increases its usefulness considering how important it is to thoroughly disinfect surgical and other medical instruments used in treating patients.

With this method, the dependency on staff members to ensure the task is done correctly is greatly reduced, which frees up time and hours to perform other duties. This also means that employees will have less contact with harmful chemicals and makes compliance with safety and environmental regulations easier.

Ultrasonic cleaners make the process go much faster for you while uniformly cleaning the entire tool and don’t require disassembly prior to being treated.

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