Save on Upfront Costs and Achieve Long-Term Benefits with Fresno Solar Panels

Are you ready to make the switch from conventional energy to solar? If so, you’ll be happy to know that now is a better time than ever before to go solar. Fresno solar panels utilize innovative solar technology that has resulted in a much more streamlined solution that optimizes the conversion of solar energy to usable electricity. This means that you’ll get more bang for your buck. In addition, the variety of financial incentives for installing Fresno solar panels extends from local rebates to federal renewable energy tax credits, making solar a cost-effective solution that many people can now afford.

In 2005, the Energy Policy Act established by the federal government offered a 30 percent tax credit for solar installations. However, at the time, the credit was capped at $2,000. In 2009, this federal credit was made into an uncapped rebate by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Solar thermal and photovoltaic installations qualify for this uncapped credit, which includes equipment and labor costs for a Fresno solar energy installation.

You can save even more money on the upfront costs of your solar investment by taking advantage of cash back rebates offered through both investor-owned and publicly owned utility companies. The California Solar Initiative and New Solar Homes Partnership offers a variety of solar rebate programs, and most homeowners who plan to install Fresno solar panels will qualify for one or another of these programs.

Verengo solar panels for your home will also provide you with long-term financial rewards. While reducing your dependence on oil, gas or coal, you will also be reducing your monthly utility bills as soon as you install your solar energy system. Moreover, solar installations will increase the value of your home just as a new bathroom or kitchen renovation would.

Modern solar energy systems can harness the sun’s energy even on cloudy days. Of course, a greater amount of electricity will be produced on sunnier days. However, with the help of a solar expert, you will be able to maximize the electricity output of your system by installing panels in the best possible location and position on your home. Once installed, you will find that the panels require very little maintenance. Occasional cleaning to remove residue buildup is all that is needed to keep your system running efficiently. Otherwise, the soundless and non-polluting system will provide your home with a reliable and cost-effective source of energy year-round.

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