Skip the Dinner Party, Have a Brunch Party

The sweet aroma of coffee drifts to your bedroom, but the lack of sleep wins out and you sleep until late morning as the espresso coffeemaker brews. Hungry for breakfast but knowing its too later for cereal and coffee to satiate you, the tempting assortment of flavors of coffee, bacon and an egg omelet, some of those special cold cuts and rolls you bought the previous day wins out. A morning brunch is the solution, so why not call some friends to join you? Sunday brunch has become a popular way to build coffee cafes' business and now with the brew at home espresso coffeemakers gives us a chance to share and mingle with our friends right at home.

We all have visited the famous coffee cafes and know how expensive it can be for just a couple to go out for a late breakfast or brunch. Expensive or not, the coffee is superb and the flavors for coffee machines espresso are so varied, so everyone’s taste is catered to.

Home brunch parties are so much easier than hitting the high price cafes, you can dress casual and buy the individual flavored coffees so all your guests are happy. The best brunch party can be a dress down, where you choose your own omelet. Selecting one person to be the omelet maker, or taking turns, to add fillings can be much fun for both the omelet maker and guests. Now with the options of on the counter burners it can be done right at the table where you serve your brunch.  

There is no need to have just one flavor of coffee, and guests may choose the flavor for brunch parties by stocking up on a variety. The best investment is choosing a machine of high quality for the best brew and to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

A fun idea is to form a club with your friends, because good coffee goes hand in hand with gourmet cuisine. Original ideas for brunch can be highlighted by countries, Turkey at Noon, Better than England’s Tea Time, and other topic setters you can come up with can set the parties theme each week. If its holiday appropriate, or a theme party, you can dress for the occasion, or even not dress up and come in your pajamas.

Since the time when coffee houses were created in the 1400’s they have stimulated the populace to share and gather over their favorite brew. The tempting vapors of coffee can lure even a devote tea drinker to try a cup of cappuccino, or espresso. With flavored creams and an artistic hand decorated tops of cream can even become pictures. It’s a time of celebration when we share this ancient brew that has never lost its popularity with the ease of machines to help us.  Do some research online and find a place that shows the comparison of machines, and then decide what options are important to you.

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