Snow Wallops Boulder Xcel Customers

Like others across the Boulder-Denver area, many Boulder residents went without power in the wake of a recent snowstorm.

The power outages left some in Boulder without power for many long hours. The autumn storm hit Boulder with some 11.5 inches of snow – a new record for Boulder.

The power outages were blamed on the heavy snow that sat on tree branches that hadn’t yet dropped all of their leaves yet. The branches broke and affected power lines.

Many Boulder residents who lost power were frustrated at the amount of time it took Xcel Energy to restore the electricity to their homes.

Across the Boulder-Denver metro area about 3,700 households were without power as a result of the autumn snowstorm.

Some of the Boulder fixes could be completed relatively quickly, while others needed workers to clean out tree branches and fix poles that were damaged.

Many companies that cut trees and remove branches have been busy with requests from customers to do work.

Starting Monday, Oct. 31, there will be an extra pick up for tree branches by Western Disposal if customers leave the branches out on the curb for the compost collection. Branches need to be cut to be shorter than 6 feet long and cannot be any larger than 6 inches in diameter.

Additionally, you can bring leaves or branches to 5880 Butte Mill Road at the Yard Waste Drop-Off Center. It is open Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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