Ted Turner Wants to Donate Buffalo for Boulder Open Space

Ted Turner has offered to donate a herd of 20 bison that would roam on a parcel of Boulder open space.

Turner, founder of CNN, envisions the herd of buffalo roaming the open space allowing people driving U.S. 36 in and out of the Boulder Valley to see this native species here in its natural environment. Turner would like to see the donated buffalo on at least 200 acres on the side of the Boulder Turnpike.

Turner donated the last “Ralphie” Buffalo to be the CU mascot. Some think it would even be great if the next Ralphie could come from this herd that would be donated. Many are in favor of the proposal and say it would be good to see bison in their natural habitat. Plus, the herd would fit in nicely of the image of Boulder plus the influence of the University of Boulder. Turner said it would be a visually appealing sight in the Boulder Open Space.

Boulder Open Space officials have located some possible areas for the herd, but nothing has yet been settled. Boulder Open Space officials say there is still work to be done before such an idea could come to life. If the community supports the idea, it could take about a year to 18 months before the bison would be located here.

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