The 4 Cs of Jewelry Security

The theft or loss of jewelry isn't just a financial blow. Jewelry is very personal; whether it's an antique pearl necklace or a brand-new diamond engagement ring, the loss can be emotionally devastating. That's why it's so important to keep your valuable precious metal or gemstone jewelry secure. Here are the four C's of jewelry security.

Common Sense

If you wear a ring, necklace or bracelet every day, it's sometimes possible to lose sight of the fact that it's a fragile, valuable item that may be vulnerable to damage or loss. Use common sense about when and where you should wear and display valuable items. Take your rings off before gardening, using tools or handling harsh cleaning materials. Avoid wearing very visible pieces if there's a risk that someone might take them. When you aren't wearing your favorite trinkets, keep them somewhere secure.


If you leave your gold ring, diamond bracelet or ruby earrings in plain sight on the nightstand — even if you tuck them away in a drawer — and they're a much easier target for a thief. If your valuables are out of sight, preferably locked in a safe or strongbox, there's a much better chance that they won't be taken. As an extra security measure, you can choose jewelry safes that are easily camouflaged; for example, a wall safe can be hidden behind a painting. You can also select a safe that looks like an ordinary items of furniture, such as a chest of drawers.


It's important that the place where you secure your jewelry is easy for you to access. If it's tricky or inconvenient, you or someone else in your household may end up neglecting to put away their valuables as carefully as they should. If you can't use your safe or other security measures easily, they won't be as effective for protecting the items you want to keep secure. Choose a well-designed safe that's easy for you to open and close — but impossible for the thief. Jewelry safes come in many varieties; you're sure to find one that suits you.


While no amount of money can make up for the emotional blow of losing a treasured heirloom or a precious gift, having insurance at least means that you'll get some financial compensation if the worst happens. Some people assume that these valuable items are covered by their home contents insurance; the sad truth is that when people try to claim after a theft, they discover that it's excluded from their policies. Good security means making sure that you have an insurance policy that specifically covers such expensive belongings. You can greatly reduce your insurance premiums if you install and use proper jewelry safes.


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