The Cloud and Ethernet: How they Play Together

Dedicated Ethernet and clouds can function synergistically to provide superior connectivity for small to medium businesses and also for individuals and households. As cloud computing and cloud services become more common, the need for dependable and safe technology with which to roll out cloud services in a given environment is not only greater than ever, but easier than ever. First, consider the advantages of clouds and dedicated Ethernet services, and how they can both enhance and fortify your unique operations scenario.

How They Play Together
Dedicated Ethernet and clouds are IT solutions that evolved at separate times and for separate reasons, yet have somehow grown to compliment one another. Both solutions entail several safeguards and conveniences that maximize their appeal to both businesses and private citizens. Common hindrances to the exploitation of new technologies include concerns about reliability and security, but dedicated Ethernet and cloud computing are consistently proving the safest, most trustworthy elements of an IT infrastructure.

Ethernet is unique in that a given network includes a small family of computers that can be accessed by rotating passwords, with remote access capabilities, and unlimited sharing between family members. That the network is grounded with real wires eliminates the precariousness inherent of wireless networks, which are notoriously easy to hack. Ethernet data is typically composed of shorter blocks, so upload and transmission of data is faster, usually in real time, and thus someone would have to be a family member to intercept said data. Ethernet's additional appeal rests in its end-to-end user friendliness, as networks require less hardware (no wireless routers or amplifiers), and are less complicated to install, yet they automatically provide a higher level of security.

Cloud services and cloud computing allow an Ethernet family of computers to backup and retrieve data lost, whether the culprit is a power surge, lightning, a thunderstorm, or a hurricane (read: Sandy). In the event an original network of computers is damaged, or inaccessible, the corresponding cloud is reachable from any other location. Similarly, cloud computing allows extended members of a particular Ethernet family to monitor progress of projects from remote locations, or from computers outside the network.

This also holds true for business people and individuals traveling abroad. Armed with a personal laptop, the specific cloud related to an Ethernet can expedite IT resources and software to an end user's laptop/machine. Work completed at the user's end is then simultaneously uploaded to, and backed up by, the cloud, whose data interior is at once available to computers located within the Ethernet proper. This supreme example of mutual hand-washing is absent from all other IT solutions.

When shopping for an Ethernet provider, consider that any proposed solutions should consist of the following:

  • Enhanced fiber optic service/high bandwidth
  • Scalable/flexible network setups
  • Dedicated multiple point-to-point connectivity
  • Remote LAN connectivity

Capitalizing on the interdependency of cloud and Ethernet is simpler than ever, and it's well worth the investment. Harnessing the power of both makes for unprecedented security, efficiency, and speed, three advantages every business/individual deserves.

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