The Key to Waterproofing Your Basement

The basement is the most important structure in your home. If you have a leaky basement you could have mold or mildew growing on the walls and on woodwork that can be dangerous to people with respiratory problems. Water damage can also weaken structures causing them to be unsafe. It is very important to keep water out of your basement.

Keeping your basement dry will deter mold and mildew and maintain the structural stability of the home. If you have not thought much about waterproofing in the past, now is the time to get it done. Find contractors in your area with B-Dry licenses to check your basement for waterproofing. Preparation is the key to an efficient waterproofing job. If you plan to do the job yourself, a professional can be a valuable source of information.

The first thing that should be done is an assessment of the condition of the basement walls and foundation. You need to know where the water is seeping in from to efficiently waterproof your basement. 

Check Gutters and Downspouts 
Check your gutters for leaves and debris that can block run off. Check to see that your downspouts are working properly and carry water away from the home. If the water goes away but comes back you may need to extend the run off area with extra piping or by digging a small trench for water to escape.

Seal Cracks and Repair Holes
Another way water gets into the basement is through cracks or holes in the foundation walls or floors. These cracks can be filled in and sealed to keep moisture out.

Check for Leaky Pipes
Leaky pipes can also contribute to dampness and mildew in a basement. repair or replace the piping and test for leaks.

Install a Sump Pump
Many homes have the washer and dryer hookups in the basement. It is a good idea to have a sump pump in cases of unexpected mishaps such as the washer overflowing or leaking out onto the  floor.

Waterproofing is a very important step in keeping your basement dry and mildew-free. Contractors carrying B-Dry Licenses are trained and certified in the B-Dry Waterproofing System. These trained professionals can perform an inspection and give you an estimate of how much work is needed and what it will cost. They can do the job for you saving you time and money in the end.

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