The Value of a Constructability Review

When you are preparing for a construction process, one step that you shouldn’t miss is the constructability review. The engineers and architects that you have hired to make your plans and prepare for the contractors make mistakes, and those mistakes can be expensive if the contractors only discover them during construction. That is why a pre-construction constructability review can save you time and money on your construction process.

Errors and omissions by architects and engineers add up to more than half of all the change orders during construction. Why would you risk more change orders when a simple constructability review could solve all those problems? There are software programs and systems that are used by professional pre-construction compliance companies. One of these systems, RemedyCheck, provides a unique system that provides the kind of quality control you really need when starting out on a construction endeavor. Through a system of checklists, overlays, and with the help of professional and experienced staff, a professional review company can provide you with a constructability review that will save you time and money.

There are many things that you should look for when you are hiring a company to perform a construction document review. You want to make sure that the company you choose has a system in place that will catch all the errors before construction begins, through the combined efforts of software programs and professional staff. PC Associates is dedicated to giving you a fast, efficient and accurate review of all plans and specifications at all the phases of the design of your project. First, a preview will be conducted during the development phase of your project. Then, when your construction documents are about half finished, an overview will be conducted to find any major constructability and coordination issues, along with a first check on code compliance. Finally, at the end of the drafting of your construction documents, a review will be conducted to crosscheck and review all the documents to make sure nothing has been missed.

When you are interested in making sure that all your plans are accurate and up to code prior to construction, give the professionals at PC Associates a call. While this business is located in Orange County, California, through the Internet PC Associates has access to most locations worldwide to make sure your plans are ready for construction. PC Associates is a full service company that offers not only a constructability review for your construction plan, but also code compliance reviews, ADA compliance reviews, and structural forensic reviews.


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