Trail Ridge Road Wont Open For Memorial Day

Although Memorial Day in Boulder traditionally means the BolderBoulder and the opening of nearby Trail Ridge Road, only one will go on this year as it the custom.

Trail Ridge Road won’t open on Memorial Day weekend as crews cite heavy snow that hampered plowing efforts.

Trail Ridge Road is the the highest continuous paved road in the United States. It stretches to 12,183 feet and connects the towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake through Rocky Mountain National Park.

It usually opens for Memorial Day weekend. In 2010, it opened May 28.

The snowplows have seen deeper than usual snow when their plowing began in early May. Then more snow fell last week.

Just last week on the east side of the park, above Rainbow Curve, there were 17-foot drifts. That’s even more than they say on May 5.

Park officials say this the most snow they have seen this this late in the season in 30 years. They are hoping for a June opening date for Trail Ridge Road at this point.

In 1943, it opened on June 26 – making that the latest time ever. Over the past two decades, the June 4, 1994.

Rocky Mountain National Park's three reservation campgrounds are full for Saturday and Sunday. The snowy mountain peaks look stunning with their snowy caps.

Above 9,000 feet it’s still winter conditions. Backcountry visitors are strongly advised to prepare for heavy, wet snows and increased avalanche dangers.


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