Two-Year Contact Signed for Creek Fest

The City of Boulder recently signed a deal to continue its relationship with Boulder Creek Events until 2014 and allow the company to host the traditional Boulder Creek Festival that takes place each summer.

The city included a number of items in the new contractual agreement. These mandates including trying to increase the amount of local food served at the Creek Fest, working to bolster measures aimed at zero waste, the creation of a new fund that would help better the event’s offerings on an annual basis, and looking to find ways to beef up cost recovery for the city of Boulder itself.

The Boulder Creek Festival is considered an annual passage into summer in Boulder. It spans several days and is filled with many traditional events, music, art, shopping, food and so much more. It attracts people from all over to enjoy this special event in Boulder.

Earlier this year, the city of Boulder put the management of the festival out for bid in the hopes of finding a firm that could offer a less expensive contract plus better offerings.

Boulder Creek Events has been hosting the Boulder Creek Festival since 1998.

This year’s Boulder Creek Festival is currently set for May 26 to May 28.

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