Types of injection molding machines used in the plastics industry

Injection molding equipment is used to inject molten plastics into molds to make plastic parts. There are several different types of injection molding equipment, including vertical and horizontal presses, injection cylinder and injection screw presses, hydraulic and electric presses and other presses that are rated by the amount of pressure they apply to the molds.

When molding equipment is identified as either vertical or horizontal, this is specifying the way the injection press hold the mold in the machine, which can be a critical factor to a manufacturer for extraction purposes. Another way of classifying a molding machine is by the way the plastic is injected into the mold. Some machines use an injection cylinder, which uses a piston to inject the plastic into the mold from a cylinder compartment. The other injection system is called injection screw presses. This system has a long heated barrel and a screw that melts and drives the plastic at the same time. Where the cylinder injection uses the pressure of the cylinder, the screw is what causes the pressure in this case.

The amount of pressure needed to keep the mold together during the injection process is another factor that can identify a molding machine. In hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinders move the pieces of the mold to create enough pressure to hold it steady during the injection. Other types involve electric motors to keep the mold together. This system is usually used during lower pressure systems. There are also different molds that can be used in molding machines. They come with either hot or cold runners, which are the passages in the mold that the plastic travels to reach all the different chambers of the part being molded.

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