Types of Questions Used in Assessment Testing

With the job market becoming more competitive, more employers are using assessment testing in order to narrow their field of applicants to those that will be the best fit for the company. If you are a job seeker, obviously you want to perform as well as you can during these assessments. Even though each test is different depending on the employer’s requirements, there are ways that you can sharpen your reasoning skills and prepare for the types of questions most commonly used throughout these occupational assessments.

It is becoming increasingly easy to find practice materials online that will help you prepare for assessment testing, but you should focus most of your time on the types of problems that will be most important to understand. One of the most common and important types of questions will be the abstract reasoning questions. These questions ask you to understand sequences and patterns. You might have to use logic and reasoning to determine what number, letter, or shape, will come next in a small list. Your answers to these problems show your future employer your ability to use logic, follow directions, and understand new concepts. These are very important skills to have in the workplace.

Another type of question that you will face during assessment testing includes questions that require you to read and understand data, or check data for errors. You might simply need to show your ability to read a chart or timetable correctly. The test might ask you to find specific information using the data given, or ask you to demonstrate your ability to accurately input data. These questions test your ability to read and write information accurately and precisely.

Many individuals are caught off guard by the verbal problems on occupational assessment tests. These questions test your ability to spell, use correct grammar, or understand analogies. Many employers place a high importance on communication skills and they want to make certain that you can communicate and reason clearly, as well as follow directions easily.

Of course, many of the questions that you will encounter during assessment testing cannot be completely prepared for because they are designed to test your natural abilities, not test information that you have studied. However, if you understand the types of information that are going to be tested, you can sharpen your reasoning and critical thinking abilities before the test. Your future employer will be appreciative that you have taken the time to improve these skills.



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