Want Your Liquids to Stay Cold? Try A Polar Bottle

Ever been on a long bike ride or hike and reached for your water bottle, only to find the water had gotten warm along the way? Well you may be interested in the selection of bottles available from Product Architects.

Back in 1989 Robert Heiberger, a mechanical engineer specializing in technology related to heat loss, discovered a method of utilizing body temperature to keep liquids cool in a bottle. From this development and a few years of research and prototypes, the Polar Bottle was born.

The Polar Bottle features a dual-wall construction which creates a layer of insulating air between the liquid inside the bottle and the outside environment. Between the two bottle layers is a thin foil liner that reflects solar energy away from the bottle. The bottle is – and has always been – made from BPA and Phthalate free plastic. It is produced in 24-ounce (710 ml) and 20-ounce (590 ml) sizes and the bottles are manufactured and distributed from Boulder, Colorado.

The new bottle technology became a hit once Product Architects found distribution through major brands such as the Container Store and Dick’s Sporting Goods. This growth led to distribution to consumers in over 50 countries and such accolades as being selected in 2010 as one of Colorado’s top small businesses, as determined by the ColoradoBiz Magazine.

In 2010 the company developed the latest edition to their growing product line, launching the Half Twist. This new bottle featured the Half Twist cap, which is fitted with a silicone gasket. The lid allows the user to drink directly from the cap without removing it from the bottle and the gasket creates a watertight seal when closed. The bottle became a hit with people who commute or with small children as the watertight seal helps keep from spilling.

Boulder.com love to support local businesses and Product Architects and the Polar Bottle are a great success story. Their bottles can be seen around Boulder and are also available on their website and are great for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

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