What Does a Personality Assessment Reveal

Many companies use a personality assessment as an important aspect of their hiring process due to the incredible insight that it can offer into the personality traits and core behavioral habits of candidates.
Personality assessment can be instrumental in pinpointing the individuals that would make the most beneficial contribution to the culture and responsibilities of the company while also identifying those that would not be an appropriate fit.

These tests provide greater insight than can traditional applications and even in-person interviews due to their basis in strong psychological concepts and scientific evaluation.

Companies can utilize personality assessment for a variety of reasons:

Job Placement

It is imperative when hiring new employees to recognize subtle personality traits that would contribute to the functionality and in-job satisfaction of that employee. This is important to a hiring manager who has a goal of reducing turnover and ensuring that each employee will maintain a high degree of performance even after a considerable time with the company.

The tendencies and traits revealed by these assessments can help to clarify why a particular candidate would be interested in a particular position when their application does not seem to illustrate why he would be an appropriate choice.

Social Considerations

Very few careers in the contemporary workforce are genuinely devoid of interaction with other members of the company or with clients. This makes certain personality traits important.

A personality assessment won’t just illustrate those characteristics that make candidates good for a particular position, but also for cooperating and interacting with other people within the company community. Whether you openly realize it or not, you will develop your company with certain personality preferences in mind. These assessments can help to identify the personalities of the employees with whom you are already highly satisfied so that the traits of candidates can be aligned with those already present within the company.

These assessments can also be used to broaden employee awareness of different personalities and communication styles so that individuals can better approach those around them and create more productive, mutually beneficial teams.


The use of a personality assessment can also be extremely useful to the employee himself. An employee that does not feel comfortable completing the tasks required for a particular position or feel that there is something standing in the way of true productivity, taking an assessment can help to identify any attributes or tendencies that may explain these difficulties. This can help to guide an employee toward a position better suited to his personality.


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