What to Watch for When Moving into a New Colorado Home

Moving into a new house can be stressful, yet exciting. A new home often comes with a plethora of surprises; some of these will be pleasant, others, maybe not so much! Take driving up to your new home, for the very first time. You pull into the driveway, and hit the button in your car; no movement! The garage door is stuck. This can be one of the bigger home repair headaches a home owner/renter can experience, the best thing to do is call a Boulder garage door company and get it fixed as quickly as possible. A broken garage door can also be a safety hazard!  Next, you try the key to the front door; lucky for you, at least the key works.

As you continue on into the foyer, you imagine all of your belongings making this house a home. Try to contemplate your new home, its location and how you will fit into the neighborhood. Consider which route you will take when to go to work, how your kids will like their new school and where the nearest market or shops are.

A very helpful tip is to listen for noise, like barking dogs and traffic and wonder what it will be like when the sun goes down and during afterhours. Take a look at the yard and note if there are any overgrown shrubberies or trees near the garage or front door, and take a mental picture of the type of upkeep that might be needed. Envision your new life in Colorado and realize that there are many new and wonderful adventures awaiting you, but first things first; you must move in and get settled.

Now is the time to ensure that everything is in working order, and that you will be able to function and thrive in your new space. Head to the kitchen; make sure that the windows are in working order and so is the garbage disposal, ensure the space for your refrigerator is adequate and all of the burners turn on and the oven is hot. In the bathrooms, the toilets flush and don’t continuously run, and the exhaust fans work.

Make certain all of the windows and doors open and close freely, and the lights turn on and off in every room. There are no strange odors and there don’t appear to be any water stains on the ceiling, walls or base boards. The ceiling fans are in working order and so are the heater and air conditioning systems. The water runs in all of the sinks and tubs; there are no leaks.  Everything checks out! 

Now, it is time to move in your belongings, and turn this house into a home.


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