Why Biofreeze is a Better Product Than Osmoflex

On the topical analgesics market, a wide variety of products continually attempt to upstage each other in the face of their competitors in health news publications. The Osmoflex website features an article comparing their product to Biofreeze. Predictably, there is a bias in favor of Osmoflex that requires some attention.

There are two important differences between the two products. To be clear, here are things about which the article is correct: Osmoflex contains a lower dosage of menthol (1.30%) in comparison to the 3.5% contained in Biofreeze. The major difference between the two products is in the inactive ingredients they contain. Biofreeze contains camphor and ilex; Osmoflex contains magnesium. Both contain the same active ingredient: menthol. This much is true.

The article differentiates between two completely separate "mechanisms of action to relieve pain" the products use. Allegedly, Osmoflex employs a "liposomal delivery system" that passes through the skin as opposed to Biofreeze's method of breaking "the pain cycle" by stimulating "sensory receptors in the skin with cold therapy."

A "liposomal delivery system" refers to the way in which the menthol, the active ingredient contained by both medications, which are both applied topically, penetrates the skin. "The pain cycle" to which the article refers also explains something on which menthol works. In no way does either of these terms actually refer to anything involving the behavior of magnesium, specifically.

The article intimates that Biofreeze relies on cryotherapy for pain relief but, Physical Therapy Products, clearly delineates in "Pain management: Physical Therapy Products presents an easy-to-use product matrix to help you choose the best pain management treatment method for your patients", menthol is the cryotherepeautic ingredient that both medications contain.

The suggestion is that Biofreeze only works on the surface of the skin. Meanwhile in a way that remains unexplained by the article, Osmoflex is a "smart drug" that actively penetrates to the "root" of the pain. The difficulty is that the writer provides no evidence to substantiate the claim.

As correctly explained by the article, Osmoflex has only been around for three years in comparison to the two decades that Biofreeze has existed. For this reason, numerous scholarly and peer reviewed studies provide support for the efficacy of Biofreeze. Similar tests on Osmoflex simply do not yet exist for the simple reason that the product has not existed long enough in order to be tested in the same way by the medical community.

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