Why It is a Good Idea to Buy Silver Bars

Are you thinking of the advantages of silver investment?  The decision to buy silver bars is not an easy one to make; but all in all, it is a decision that is completely logical.  For the year 2012, it may even be silver’s return to glory.

In fact, many financial experts, including Murray Coleman on Barron’s Blog, believe that 2012 will be silver’s year to graduate into a higher-priced metal.  He cited figures from the iShares Silver ETF, stating that they had a high percentage increase in the early first week of January, as well as the SPDR Gold ETF, which was up 2.7%. 

The general belief is that it is best to buy silver bars now while the prices are stabilizing, just in time for a predicted “major rebound move.”  More than a few analysts are suggesting that silver will actually make up for lost time by outpacing gold and equities in terms of total performance.”

And of course, you also have the silver enthusiasts who claim (and it’s arguably true) that silver has been kept down in price (perhaps even “fixed” through conspiracy) and that it is sure to accelerate in price when the market realizes just how rare it is.  (Contrary to popular belief, it is not less rare than gold)

What about you?  Why not make plans to buy silver bars before the metal increases in price for 2012?  All it will take is one major financial disaster, and we will see all silver metals increase in price, as investors desperately seek to protect their assets from inflation or worse yet, currency downturn. 

Even if you buy silver bars on an impulse, it will not be a major loss.  You will always have silver value to fall back on.  Silver doesn’t lose value over time; it stays with the market worth, meaning it will probably grow in value as inflation affects the economy over time.  Instead of withdrawing your currency cash and suffering losses, you can cash out for your silver and get back precisely the value you put into it. 

As a strategy, start building silver slowly over time, so that you can save money rather than invest too much without giving the market a chance to react.  Ten percent of your total available capital is a good figure for starting out.  For more information, talk to a silver dealer who works with coins and bars and who can guide you in the world of numismatics. 

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